Leadershock... and How to Triumph Over It: Eight Revolutionary Rules for Becoming a Powerful and Exhiliarated Leader

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Caught in a state of LeaderShock? Now it's your turn to thrive. Faced with the chaos of business today, leaders in every field feel overwhelmed and ineffective. They're in LeaderShock. But now there's a way out. Based on seven years of breakthrough research, Greg Hicks' award-winning LeaderShock program has shown thousands how to thrive in our chaotic business culture. And now his revolutionary book offers a practical roadmap of eight behavioral rules you can use to take control and stay in charge. This clear and concise guide will show you how to: Activate and express "Intentions" to get the outcomes you want Use "Recasting," a surprising new way to convert stress into strength Create an accountable and truth-driven culture that excites and motivates Become proactive and forceful without overpowering others As practical as it is liberating, LeaderShock will systematically guide you to find what every leader wants--powerful effectiveness and personal exhilaration.


Greg Hicks (San Francisco, CA) is a consultant and trainer for Fortune 500 companies around the world. He is the author of the bestselling How We Choose to Be Happy.


"The eight LeaderShock rules to form a powerful road map for a fresh brand of leadership right when we need it the most."
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