The Inclusive Hebrew Scriptures: The Writings

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August 2004



As with the other volumes of The Inclusive Bible, The Inclusive Writings strives to ground its translation in tradition, while seeking to open the Scriptures to all contemporary readers. Following the division of the Hebrew Scriptures, The Inclusive Writings contain wisdom literature, poetry, histories, and prophecies. Together with the Volume I: The Torah and Volume II: The Prophets, This Volume III: The Writings completes the whole of the Inclusive Hebrew Scriptures.


1 Psalms 2 Job 3 Proverbs 4 The Song of Songs 5 Ruth 6 Lamentations 7 Ecclesiastes 8 Esther 9 Ezra 10 Nehemiah 11 1 Chronicles 12 2 Chronicles 13 Tobit 14 Judith 15 1 Maccabees 16 2 Maccabees 17 The Wisdom of Solomon 18 Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus)


Priests for Equality is a movement of women and men throughout the world_laity, religious and clergy_who work for the full participation of women and men in church and society. A project of the Quixote Center in Brentwood, Maryland, Priests for Equality is a grass-roots organization committed to creating a culture where sexism and exclusion are left behind and equality and full participation are the order of the day. They challenge sexism in all its forms wherever they may find it and offer an alternative vision that frees and empowers people. Visit the Priests for Equality web page for more information.


These translations from the Priests for Equality project are as poetic as they are inclusive, as lyrical as they are faithful. Waterwheel
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