The Prayers and Poems of Helen Steiner Rice

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This beautifully crafted edition offers the first, largest, and most complete collection ever of Steiner Rice's poems, with nearly 400 original poems--16 of them rare and previously uncollected--and one never-before-published prayer discovered in the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation archives.


From the 1920s and beyond her death in 1981, Helen Steiner Rice was and is an unofficial poet laureate of hope and optimism. Her books have sold more than seven million copies and comforted nations through some of history's darkest moments. There probably isn't one American family today that hasn't received or sent a greeting card featuring Rice's work, and her writings continue to inspire a new generation on-line, in gift books, and through note cards. Virginia J. Ruehlmann of Cincinnati, Ohio, continues the legacy of her friend through the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation. Mrs. Ruehlmann has compiled more than fifty volumes of Mrs. Rice's inspirational verse and poetry, including An Instrument of Your Peace: A Tribute to the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi and Awake My Soul and Sing: Poems Inspired by Favorite Hymns.


"Prepare to find rest for your racing pulse and pleasure for your crowded mind."
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