I Love a Fire Fighter: What the Family Needs to Know

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August 2004



From the author of the bestselling "I Love a Cop" comes a book that shows loved ones how to live in harmony with the firehouse--the firefighter's "other" family.


Introduction. Beepers in Your Bedroom: The Givens and Realities of the Fire Service. Spillover: Managing the Relationship between Home and Work. Profiles: The Fire Fighter Personality. Climbing the Career Ladder: From Recruitment to Retirement. Emergency Medical Services: False Alarms and Frequent Fliers. Organizational Stress: Fractures in the Fire Service. Diversity. Injuries and Fatalities. Fitness, Health, and Safety. Trauma and Stress. Treating Traumatic Stress: Help for Individuals and Families. Fire Fighters in Hot Water: Alcoholism, Arson, Infidelity, and Divorce. Fire Fighting Couples. Getting Help. Epilogue.


Ellen Kirschman, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and consultant who has worked with public safety personnel and their families for twenty years. She is the author of I Love a Cop: What Police Families Need to Know and is sought after as a speaker and seminar leader. Since 1991, Dr. Kirschman has provided organizational consultation, training, and crisis intervention to the Palo Alto Fire Department. She lives in Redwood City, CA.


"A marvelous and comprehensive look at the challenges, rewards, and resources of this remarkable industry. A 'must read' for firefighters and families alike!"--Susan Farren, author of "The Fireman's Wife" "It's an awesome book, a great read for all firefighter wives!!!"--Lisa Kennedy, fire service wife, founder of www.bkfdwife.com "Dr. Kirschman's book is a masterful integration of the challenges faced by fire fighter families and the solutions first-responder families can develop to meet these challenges. Her personal and professional experience makes this essential reading for all those in the fire fighter's support network."--Janet L. Bachant, PhD, Founder and President, New York Disaster Counseling Coalition "Dr. Ellen Kirschman has done it again. Just as "I Love a Cop" did for police families, this in-depth book brings the world of fire fighting to life. Dr. Kirschman provides unique advice about relationships and family life for those who protect our safety and those who love them. A 'must-read' for fire fighter families!"--John M. Violanti, PhD, School of Public Health and Health Professions, University at Buffalo--The State University of New York "We often hear the term 'fire family, ' but until now, no one has ever stopped to examine in depth what that term really means. Dr. Kirschman offers a unique perspective on the inner workings of the fire service culture and how it affects our personal relationships. This book should be mandatory reading for everyone entering the profession, for those responsible for leading contemporary fire departments, and for chaplains and other helping professionals. Insightful, intense, and immensely valuable."--Fire Chief Ronny J. Coleman, MA, FIFireE, CFOD "Finally, a book that offers the inside story on the highs and lows of life in the fire service. If you love a fire fighter--or are one yourself--I highly recommend this book."--S. Joseph Woodall, PhD, Retired Fire Department Captain/RecruitD
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