Assisting at Podiatric Surgery: A Guide for Podiatric Surgical Students and Podiatric Theatre Assistants

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Januar 2002



Covers the time from the initial acceptance of a patient as a candidate for podiatric surgery to discharge after surgery. This book features several highlighted 'tips' that cover some of the pitfalls often encountered by podiatrists, during and after surgery. It is useful for surgical students or assistants.


1. Patient assessment prior to surgery. 2. In the operating theatre. 3. As a member of the scrub team. 4. Assisting during the operation. 5. Office surgery using the 'non-touch' technique. 6. After surgery. 7. Suturing. 8. Instruments used in podiatry. 9. Clinical emergencies. 10. Anatomy of the foot. 11. Forefoot disorders that are suitable for out-patient procedures. Appendix 1 Abbreviations used in podiatric surgery. Appendix 2. Glossary. Index


Tom Thomson is Holder of the Meritorious Award of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, awarded in 1992 for his involvement in the introduction ofpodiatric surgical pupilage for members of the Society of Chiropodists.

He qualified in podiatric surgery in 1989 under the Society of Chiropodist's Section 6 surgical syllabus.

Tom has also organisedand run a number of courses for podiatrists wishing to train as surgeons.

In 1991 Australian podiatrists in Perth made use of his training notes that he has compiled for training British podiatrists.

He was trained by American podiatrists and have always worked with American podiatrists therefore the book reflects this and with its international approach to podiatric surgery, will appeal to podiatrists the world over.

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