Variational Analysis

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From its origins in the minimization of integral functionals, the notion of 'variations' has evolved greatly in connection with applications in optimization, equilibrium, and control. It refers not only to constrained movement away from a point, but also to modes of perturbation and approximation that are best describable by 'set convergence', variational convergence of functions' and the like. This book develops a unified framework and, in finite dimension, provides a detailed exposition of variational geometry and subdifferential calculus in their current forms beyond classical and convex analysis. Also covered are set-convergence, set-valued mappings, epi-convergence, duality, maximal monotone mappings, second-order subderivatives, measurable selections and normal integrands.


Max and Min.- Convexity.- Cones and Cosmic Closure.- Set Convergence.- Set-Valued Mappings.- Variational Geometry.- Epigraphical Limits.- Subderivatives and Subgradients.- Lipschitzian Properties.- Subdifferential Calculus.- Dualization.- Monotone Mappings.- Second-Order Theory.- Measurability.


Both authors have long worked with applications of convex, and later nonconvex, analysis to problems in optimization. Both are recipients of the Dantzig Prize (awarded by SIAM and the Mathematical Programming Society): Rockafellar in 1982 and Wets in 1994.

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