Ghost City

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Try and hold it in your head All those impossible things that have to happenAnd they all have to come rightFor us even to be born.Try and focus it, all in your mind, Are you focusing it?Are you?

Twenty-four hours. Twenty-four lives. Ghost City weaves together a few moments from the lives of lost souls in Cardiff where love falters, dies, and endures. Gary Owen's new play is a sharp, streetwise snapshot of contemporary urban life that swells and builds across twenty-five scenes to give the authentic sound of a city.

This is fuckin Cardiff, munPeople get shot here every two fuckin minutes

Ghost City was produced by Sgript Cymru and premiered at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, in March 2004.

"A blazing new talent."-Guardian

"A blast of brilliant theatrical writing straight from the heart of post-modern Wales."-Scotsman


Gary Owen's first play Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco toured the UK in spring 2001. His second, The Shado w of a Boy was produced by the National Theatre in June 2002. His first play Amser Canser will be pr oduced in early 2003. Gary's first radio play, The Island of the Blessed, is to be broadcast in July 2002 part of The Wire on BBC Radio 3. His last play The Drowned World won the George Devine Award f or 2002.
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