Where Skulls Speak Wind

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Mai 2004



Anyone who has walked the dry, dusty hills outside Alpine, at the foot of the Davis Mountains, will know a little of what Larry Thomas writes about. He grew up in this hot, dry country, where survival was everything, and the terrors of nature were spiritual lessons. His poems celebrate a hard place, but one of rare beauty and depth.


Larry D. Thomas, born and raised in West Texas, currently resides in Houston and Galveston. His three previous poetry collections received several prizes and wards: Amazing Grace, the 2001 Texas Review Poetry prize, the 2003 Western Heritage Award for the Outstanding Poetry Book of 2002, and a 2002 Spur Award Finalist citation (Western writers of America); The Woodlanders, a 2002 Violet Crown Book Award Special Citation (Writer?s League of Texas); and The lighthouse Keeper, a Small Press Review ?pick-of-the-issue.? Among the numerous national journals that have published his poetry and reviews are International Poetry Review, Louisiana Literature, Poet Lore, Puerto del Sol, Southwest Review, The Texas Observer, and the Texas Review. His poems have been anthologized in the Anthology of magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry (1997 edition), The Big Roundup, New Texas (2001, 2002 and 2003), and Texas in Poetry 2.

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