Getting Good Loving: Seven Ways to Find Love and Make It Last

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Februar 2005



Written by noted authority and radio show host Audrey Chapman, this release of "Getting Good Loving" is a revised and updated new edition of one of the most successful relationship guides for African Americans ever published. Examining case studies and first-person accounts from black men and women, Audrey Chapman offers sensible and sensitive solutions for their relationship problems and shows how black men and women can get more of what everyone needs -- good loving.


Audrey B. Chapman is a celebrated authority on black relationships with regular appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America to her credit. She offers a regular series of relationship seminars and hosts a weekly radio show in Washington, D.C.


"With sensitivity and wit, Chapman suggests ways black men and women can shed their defences and learn to trust each other again." - Publishers Weekly "This book, if you let it, will change your life." - Marita Golden, author of Don't Play in the Sun"
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