Advances in Electromagnetics of Complex Media and Metamaterials

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Januar 2003



The NATO Advanced Research Workshop Bianisotropics 2002 was held in th Marrakesh, Morocco, during 8-11 May 2002. This was the 9 International Conference on Electromagnetics of Complex Media, belonging to a series of meetings where the focus is on electromagnetics of chiral, bianisotropic, and other materials that may respond to electric and magnetic field excitations in special manner. The first of these meetings was held in Espoo, Finland (1993), and the following venues were Gomel, Belarus (1993), Perigueux, France (1994), State College, Pennsylvania, USA (1995), the rivers and channels between St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia (1996), Glasgow, Scotland (1997), Brunswick, Germany (1998), and Lisbon, Portugal (2000). The present book contains full articles of several of the presentations that were given in the Marrakesh conference. In Bianisotropics 2002, 8 re­ view lectures, 14 invited lectures and 68 contributed talks and posters were presented. Of these presentations, after a double review process, 28 contributions have achieved their final form on the pages to follow. From the contributions ofthe meeting, also another publication is being planned: a Special Issue of the journal Electromagnetics will be devoted to complex materials. Guest editors for this issue are Keith W. Whites and Said Zouhdi. The chairmen of Bianisotropics 2002conference were Said Zouhdi (Pierre et Marie Curie University - Paris) and Mohamed Arsalane (Cadi Ayyad University - Marrakesh), who were assisted by Scientists from Moroccan Universities and the International Bianisotropics Conference Committee.


I. General Aspects of Complex Media and Metamaterials.- Electromagnetic Emergence in Metamaterials. Deconstruction of Terminology of Complex Media.- Ideas for Potential Applications of Metamaterials with Negative Permittivity and Permeability.- Frequency Response Engineering of Magnetic Composite Materials.- A Flavour of Constitutive Relations: The Linear Regime.- II. Metamaterials With Negative Parameters.- Electrodynamics of Media with Simultaneously Negative Electric Permittivity and Magnetic Permeability.- Modelling and Microwave Properties of Artificial Materials with Negative Parameters.- On the Electromagnetic Modelling of Left-Handed Metamaterials.- III. Photonic Band Gap Materials.- Controllable Semiconductor Photonic Band Gap Structures.- Photonic Band Gap Effects in Magnetic Film with Periodically Striped-Domain Structure.- Simulation of Finite Photonic Crystals made of Biisotropic or Chiral Material. Using the Method of Auxiliary Sources.- IV. Analysis And Modelling Of Bianisotropic Structures.- Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Artificial Anisotropie Uniform and Twisted Omega-Structures.- A Review of Homogenization Studies for Biaxial Bianisotropic Materials.- Dispersion Properties of Stop-Band Structures from Thin Metallic Spirals.- Effective Electron Model of the Wire Helix Excitation at Microwaves: First Step to Optimization of Pitch Angle of Helix.- V. Advanced Computational Methods For Electromagnetic Waves Interaction With Metamaterials.- Transmission and Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves by the Plane Stratified Structures Possessing Gyrotropic Properties.- Selective Reflection at an Oblique Incidence of Electromagnetic Waves onto Stratified Periodic Gyrotropic Structures.- Resonances of Closed Modes in Thin Arrays of Complex Particles.- Surface and Leaky Modes of Multilayered Omega Structures.- The Competition of Bragg Reflection and Fresnel's Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves in the Artificial Helicoidal Bianisotropic Media with Local Chirality.- Use of Contemporary Mathematical Applications for Exact Solution of Light Propagation Problem in Layered Media. Propagation and Scattering.- VI. Heterogeneous Materials and Wave Localization.- On Electrodynamics of One-Dimensional Heterogeneous System Beyond Homogenization Approximation.- Localized Electromagnetic and Elastic Fields with Applications to Control Laser Radiation.- Excitonic Composites.- Optical Anisotropy of the Crystals at the Nonuniform Fields.- VII. Applications of Complex Media and Other Metamaterials.- Self-Adaptive Material Systems.- Electromagnetic Field Solution in Curved Structures with Local Bianisotropic Loading Media.- Dielectric Substrates Anisotropy Effects on the Characteristics of Microstrip Structures.- Theoretical and Experimental Limitations of Chiral Microwave Absorbers.- List of Contributors.
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