Agricultural Rent in England, 1690 1914

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April 2004



This is a study of agricultural rent in England from c. 1690 to the First World War. It concentrates on the mechanisms by which rent was paid by tenants to their landlords and builds up a rent index that provides a definitive picture of the pattern of rent over the period. The book adds a critical dimension to our understanding of English agricultural history through the period of the so-called agricultural revolution, and as such will help us understand more fully the economic history of the period.


Preface; Introduction; 1. Agricultural rent in England; 2. Contemporary views of rent in eighteenth and nineteenth-century England; 3. The current state of knowledge; 4. The determining parameters of a rent index; 5. Constructing the rent index I: estate records; 6. Constructing the rent index II: government inquiries; 7. Constructing the rent index III: other studies; 8. An English agricultural rent index 1690-1914; 9. Rent arrears and regional variations; 10. The rent index and agricultural history I: the long term; 11. The rent and agricultural history II: the short term; Conclusion; Appendices; Bibliography.


"A splendid book, artfully argued and impressively researched, it teaches how creative methods can open new panoramas of historical understanding." Robert L. Woods, Jr., Journal of Interdisciplinary History "...usefull...to the body ofliterature on British agricultural history. ...informative in discussing the pitfalls encountered when researching agricultural history in the early modern and modern periods as they are in discussing their specific topics. Turner, Beckett, and Afton have provided a fine study. It is well written, clearly organized, thorough, and well argued. Because of their approach, Agricultural Rent will be of use to both agricultural history specialists and those with a more general interest in early modern and modern English economic history. ...great deal of information which can be of use to scholars of English agricultural and rural history. Their findings should prove informative to specialists, and their discussions of research and methodology should be eye-opening to students and those with more general interests." Kevin D. Hill, Agricultural History
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