Proceedings of the Second European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

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September 1991



Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) has emerged as a new interdisciplinary forum for research into the issues central to the design, implementation and use of technical systems which support people working cooperatively. This rigorously selected volume of papers contains both practical and theoretical approaches from many of the leading researchers in the field. This collection necessarily emphasises European research, where many of the initiatives in CSCW originated. However, the papers have been selected for international appeal and many international contributions from, for example, leading researchers in the United States and Japan are also included. This collection will be of interest to a wide audience because of the interdisciplinary nature of the problems and solutions proposed. These include the human and information sciences generally, cognitive scientists, psychologists, and allied technologists and social scientists.


Riding a Tiger, or Computer Supported Cooperative Work.
Personalisable Groupware: Accommodating Individual Roles and Group Differences.
Office Systems Development and Gender: Implications for Computer-Supported Co-operative Work.
CSCW and Distributed Systems: The Problem of Control.
Collaborative Activity and Technological Design: Task Coordination in London Underground Control Rooms.
The Group Facilitator: A CSCW Perspective.
Idea Management in a Shared Drawing Tool.
Panel: Formalization in CSCW.
Experiences with the DOMINO Office Procedure System.
Distributed Computing and Organisational Change Enable Concurrent Engineering.
An Analysis of Design and Collaboration in a Distributed Environment.
ClearFace: Translucent Multiuser Interface for TeamWorkStation.
PEPYS: Generating Autobiographies by Automatic Tracking.
Panel: Organizational Memory.
Boosting Connectivity in a Student Generated Collaborative Database.
A Model for Real-Time Co-operation.
Questioning Representations.
Speech Acts or Communicative Action?.
The Concept of Activity as a Basic Unit of Analysis for CSCW Research.
Being Selectively Aware with the Khronika System.
Participation Frameworks for Computer Mediated Communication.
Sound Support for Collaboration.
CSCW: Discipline or Paradigm? A Sociological Perspective.
Small Workshop Abstracts.
ECSCW'91 Directory: Authors & Committee Members.
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