Electronic Classics: Collecting, Restoring and Repair

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September 1998



The first half of the book deals primarily with technical aspects of restoration, what components are needed and where they can be found. The second half of the book provides a wealth of useful information: names and addresses of clubs and societies, auctions and antique fairs; a professional services directory; how to get hold of service data. Armed with this book the enthusiast will be able to tackle the restoration of a vintage machine with confidence.
A highly popular type of 'modern antique'
Covers technical aspects of classic valve-based circuitry
The most complete work for vintage audio and TV enthusiasts, dealers and repairers


Introduction; Repairing and restoring; First-line repairs; Electrical Components; Cabinet and chassis; Finishing off a set; Buyer's guide - where to find parts; Service data - where to find it; Professional services directory; Clubs and societies; Recommended reading; Museums and other places to see professional restorations; Keeping track of your collection; What's it worth; Patronising dealers; Buying at auctions and antique fairs; Collector's luck; Safety; References; Index.


"...an excellent reference for anyone interested in or involved in 'vintage electronics' - both newcomers and those with a few years under their belt." Electronics Australia "The text is written in a very friendly and accessible style... there's a huge amount of 'nitty gritty' information of a practical and technical nature." Electronics Australia "What an amazing collection of information!...This is a book which should be in every vintage radio entusiast's reference library. Radiobygones, April 1999
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