Warfare and the Third World

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This book is designed to help the reader better understand the conduct of war by focusing on the 'how' not the 'why' of warfare. It examines a number of crucial dimensions of contemporary armed conflict such as: the strategies, operations, tactics, doctrines and weapons of conventional and low-intensity war; military geography; the cultural underpinnings of strategies and tactics; arms resupply, security assistance, and foreign intervention.


The Study of Warfare in the Third World How the Wars Start: Capabilities, War Aims, Perceptions Military Geography How the Conventional Wars Are Fought: Strategies, Doctrines, Tactics, Weapons Strategies, Operations, Tactics in Low-Intensity Conflict Culture and Warfare Security Assistance, Arms Resupply, and Intervention Conclusions: The Lessons of Modern Warfare


ROBERT HARKAVY is Professor of Political Science at Pennsylvania State University. STEPHANIE NEUMAN is Director of the Comparative Defense Studies Program and an Adjunct Professor in the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.


'Harkavy and Neuman render and important service with the development of this comprehensive catalogue and analysis of conflict in the Third World.' - Journal of Military History 'The authors provide one of the best comprehensive treatments of conflict in the Third World to be found anywhere.' - Political Science Quarterly '...genuinely insightful and original...' - Julian Schofield, Comparative Strategy 'Harkavy and Neuman...have produced the best handbook to date on warfare in the develping world, one that is sure to become a core work in the field of war studies. Anyone who is concerned with the general subject of modern warfare will most assuredly profit by reading it.' - Journal of Strategic Studies
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