Peripheral Nerve Lesions

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April 2004



No other book covers as extensively all aspects of peripheral nerve surgery. This includes the pathology and pathophysiology of compression neuropathies, traumatic nerve lesions and nerve tumours, and their treatment with various techniques. All body regions are described adequately. The second part of the book deals with palliative surgery for reconstruction of lost function. This includes a comprehensive array of muscle and tendon transfers, functional muscle transplantation and intramuscular neurotisation.


I General Considerations in Nerve Surgery.- 1 Historical Development of Peripheral Nerve Surgery.- 2 Anatomy and Histological Reaction of Traumatized Nerves.- 3 Clinical Presentation of Nerve Lesions.- 4 Scientific Outlook.- II Specific Types of Nerve Lesioins.- 5 Entrapment Syndromes.- 6 Trauma-Related Limb Nerve Lesions.- 7 Facial Nerve.- 8 Nerve Tumors.- 9 Pain Related to Nerve Trauma.- III Muscle and Tendon Transfer in Peripheral Nerve Lesions.- 10 Muscle and Tendon Transfer.- 11 Transfers for Functional Reconstruction.- 12 Principles of Free Neurovascular Muscle Transplantation.- 13 Intramuscular Neurotization.- References.


Professsor Penkert: Assistant of Prof.Millesi, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Vienna-University. Chief Resident of Prof.Samii,Nordstadt Hospital Hannover.
PD Dr. Fansa: Medical Education in Germany and Canada; Lecture in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Hexal-Award in 1999; well known for reserach and peripheral nerve basic science and surgery.


From the reviews:
"This dual-author book stretches to 190 A4 size pages and contains 359 high quality illustrations and operative photographs. It covers all the relevant surgical issues concerning peripheral nerve surgery. ... a valuable text for many orthopaedic, reconstructive plastic and neurological surgeons. ... The index ... has been extremely well done and therefore the high quality contained within the text is also accessible. The book would be a valuable addition to all departmental libraries and ... will be kept close at hand by many practising surgeons." (P. J. Hamlyn, Acta Neurochirurgica, Vol. 147 (8), 2005)
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