Advances in Spatial Econometrics

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August 2004



This book provides theoretical and methodological advances in specification and estimation of spatial econometric models, state-of-the-art information on the development of tools and software, and various applications. It introduces new tests and estimators for spatial regression models, including discrete choice and simultaneous equation models. The performance of techniques is demonstrated through simulation results and a wide array of applications related to economic growth, international trade, knowledge externalities, population-employment dynamics, urbancrime, land use, and environmental issues. Newly developed software and programming tools are introduced. World-renowned experts in spatial statistics and spatial econometrics present the cutting edge of this field of research. The volume is relevant for academics with a theoretical interest in spatial statistics and econometrics and for practitioners looking for modern, up-to-date techniques to analyse spatial data.


1 Econometrics for Spatial Models: Recent Advances.- I. Specification, Testing and Estimation.- 2 The Performance of Diagnostic Tests for Spatial Dependence in Linear Regression Models: A Meta-Analysis of Simulation Studies.- 3 Moran-Flavored Tests with Nuisance Parameters: Examples.- 4 The Influence of Spatially Correlated Heteroskedasticity on Tests for Spatial Correlation.- 5 A Taxonomy of Spatial Econometric Models for Simultaneous Equations Systems.- 6 Exploring Spatial Data Analysis Techniques Using R: The Case of Observations with No Neighbors.- II. Discrete Choice and Bayesian Approaches.- 7 Techniques for Estimating Spatially Dependent Discrete Choice Models.- 8 Probit in a Spatial Context: A Monte Carlo Analysis.- 9 Simultaneous Spatial and Functional Form Transformations.- 10 Locally Weighted Maximum Likelihood Estimation: Monte Carlo Evidence and an Application.- 11 A Family of Geographically Weighted Regression Models.- III. Spatial Externalities.- 12 Hedonic Price Functions and Spatial Dependence: Implications for the Demand for Urban Air Quality.- 13 Prediction in the Panel Data Model with Spatial Correlation.- 14 External Effects and Cost of Production.- IV. Urban Growth and Agglomeration Economies.- 15 Identifying Urban-Rural Linkages: Tests for Spatial Effects in the Carlino-Mills Model.- 16 Economic Geography and the Spatial Evolution of Wages in the United States.- 17 Endogenous Spatial Externalities: Empirical Evidence and Implications for the Evolution of Exurban Residential Land Use Patterns.- V. Trade and Economic Growth.- 18 Does Trade Liberalization Cause a Race-to-the-Bottom in Environmental Policies? A Spatial Econometric Analysis.- 19 Regional Economic Growth and Convergence: Insights from a Spatial Econometric Perspective.- 20 Growth and Externalities Across Economies: An Empirical Analysis Using Spatial Econometrics.- References.- Author Index.- List of Contributors.


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