COTS-Based Software Systems

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April 2004



In the short space of about a decade, Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software has evolved through being a relatively minor aspect of software development; a t- management-endorsedsilverbulletsolutionforsoftwaredevelopment;adisruptivete- nology requiring people and organizations to extensively rethink their approaches to software development; to an increasingly well-understood software phenomenon for which effective solutions are being developed. Part of this understanding has been to recognize that different COTS application sectors can be at different stages of this evolution. Some sectors are just beginning to become COTS-intensive. Some have evolved COTS solutions that are very well matched to their problem domain. Others, including most large-scale applications, still involve their developers in rethinking how to adapt their traditional software architectures, processes, management practices, and personnel skills to accommodate economically attractive but complex combinations of powerful but incompletely compatible and independently evolving COTS products. The series of International Conferences on COTS-Based Software Systems (ICCBSS) has been established as a continuing forum for bringing together CBSS developers, s- pliers, and researchers to summarize and discuss progress toward understanding and resolving CBSS problems. This year's conference theme, "Matching Solutions to P- blems,"re?ectsthisobjective.Wehavebeenfortunatetohavethreeoutstandingkeynote speakers, David Carr, Tricia Oberndorf, and Douglas Schmidt, who have contributed signi?cantly both in analyzing CBSS problems and developing better CBSS solutions. The contributed papers and summaries of workshops, panels, and tutorials in these ProceedingsgiveagoodunderstandingofthenatureanddirectionsofevolutionofCBSS problems and solutions.As has been my experience with previous ICCBSS Proceedings volumes, I believe that you will ?nd lasting value in the content of the Proceedings.


Tutorials.- Using eCots Portal for Sharing Information about Software Products on the Internet and in Corporate Intranets.- Testing Component-Based Software - Issues, Challenges, and Solutions.- All You Have to Know When Using Commercial Components to Build Your Software Systems.- Workshops.- COTS Terminology and Categories: Can We Reach a Consensus?.- First International Workshop on Incorporating COTS into Software Systems.- Panels.- Panels Introduction.- Posters.- COTS Components for Spacecraft Ground Systems.- Do We Need Requirements in COTS-Based Software Development?.- The Added Dimension: Information Security in COTS-Based Software Systems.- Poster Sessions.- Poster Title: Systemic Quality of the Component-Based Development Process.- Poster Title: COTS Services.- Poster Title: AIAA (Draft) Guidebook "Managing the Use of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software Components for Mission Critical Systems".- Poster Title: CMMI Compliance in COTS-Based Development.- Papers.- Security in Large System Acquisition.- On the Measurement of COTS Functional Suitability.- A Case Study in COTS Product Integration Using XML.- COTS Product Selection for Safety-Critical Systems.- Driving Component Selection through Actor-Oriented Models and Use Cases.- Managed Technology Adoption Risk: A Way to Realize Better Return from COTS Investments.- Understanding Services for Integration Management.- Migrating Application Integrations.- Web-Based COTS Component Evaluation.- Software Fault-Tolerance with Off-the-Shelf SQL Servers.- ImpACT: An Alternative to Technology Readiness Levels for Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software.- COTS-Based Systems - Twelve Lessons Learned about Maintenance.- A Wish List for Requirements Engineering for COTS-Based Information Systems.- From System Requirements to COTS Evaluation Criteria.- Empirical Analysis of COTS Activity Effort Sequences.- Assessing COTS Assessment: How Much Is Enough?.- Experience Reports.- Legal and Contractual Implications in the European Union.- Best Practices for the Acquisition of COTS-Based Systems: Lessons Learned from the Space System Domain.- Managing Vulnerabilities in Your Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Systems Using an Industry Standards Effort (CVE).- Costing COTS Integration.- U.S. Coast Guard, Differential GPS, Nationwide Control Station.- Requirements Analysis and Management (RAM) of COTS-Based Systems - A "Success Story".- COTS Selection and Adoption in a Small Business Environment: How Do You Downsize the Process?.- Managing the COTS Chaos: Experiences from the Trenches Using the Evolutionary Process for Integrating COTS-Based Systems.- Characterization of a Taxonomy for Business Applications and the Relationships Among Them.


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