Functional and Logic Programming

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This volume contains the proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming (FLOPS 2004), held in Nara, Japan, April 7-9, 2004 at the New Public Hall, Nara. FLOPS is a forum for research on all issues concerning functional progr- mingandlogicprogramming. Inparticularitaimstostimulatethecross-fertili- tion as well as the integration of the two paradigms. The previous FLOPS me- ings took place in Fuji-Susono (1995), Shonan (1996), Kyoto (1998), Tsukuba (1999),Tokyo(2001)and Aizu (2002). The proceedingsofFLOPS 1999,FLOPS 2001 and FLOPS 2002 were published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, as volumes 1722, 2024 and 2441, respectively. In response to the call for papers, 55 papers were submitted by authors from 1 Australia (1), Austria (1), Canada (1), China (4), Denmark (2), Estonia ( ), 2 1 1 France (3 ), Germany (4 ), Italy (1), Japan (15), the Netherlands (1), Oman 2 4 1 1 (1), Portugal ( ), Singapore (2), Spain (8), UK (3), and USA (6 ). Each paper 2 4 was reviewed by at least three program committee members with the help of expert external reviewers. The program committee meeting was conducted el- tronically for a period of 2 weeks in December 2003. After careful and thorough discussion, the program committee selected 18 papers (33%) for presentation at theconference. Inadditiontothe18contributedpapers,thesymposiumincluded talks by three invited speakers: Masami Hagiya (University of Tokyo), Carsten Schur ¿ mann (Yale University), and Peter Selinger (University of Ottawa).


Invited Papers.- A Brief Survey of Quantum Programming Languages.- Analysis of Synchronous and Asynchronous Cellular Automata Using Abstraction by Temporal Logic.- Twelf and Delphin: Logic and Functional Programming in a Meta-logical Framework.- Refereed Papers Logic and Functional-Logic Programming.- Online Justification for Tabled Logic Programs.- Constructive Intensional Negation.- Analysing Definitional Trees: Looking for Determinism.- Applications.- : a Declarative Debugging Tool for Functional-Logic Languages.- LIX: an Effective Self-applicable Partial Evaluator for Prolog.- Program Analysis.- Multivariant Non-failure Analysis via Standard Abstract Interpretation.- Set-Sharing Is Not Always Redundant for Pair-Sharing.- Backward Pair Sharing Analysis.- Rewriting.- Implementing Natural Rewriting and Narrowing Efficiently.- Complete Axiomatization of an Algebraic Construction of Graphs.- Sub-Birkhoff.- Types and Modules.- Relaxing the Value Restriction.- Rigid Mixin Modules.- Logic and Semantics.- Semantics of Linear Continuation-Passing in Call-by-Name.- A Direct Proof of Strong Normalization for an Extended Herbelin's Calculus.- Functional Programming.- Normalization by Evaluation for ? ?2.- Basic Pattern Matching Calculi: a Fresh View on Matching Failure.- Derivation of Deterministic Inverse Programs Based on LR Parsing.


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