Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism

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In this completely revised and expanded edition of the Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism, Randall Balmer gives readers the most comprehensive resource about evangelicalism available anywhere. With more than three thousand separate entries, the Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism covers historical and contemporary theologians, preachers, laity, cultural figures, musicians, televangelists, movements, organizations, denominations, folkways, theological terms, events, and much more - all penned in Balmer's engaging style. Students, scholars, journalists, and libraries will all benefit from it.


Randall Balmer is the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of American Religion at Barnard College, Columbia University, and the author of more than ten books, including, most recently, Religion in American Life and Growing Pains: Learning to Love My Father's Faith. His ground-breaking book Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A Journey into the Evangelical Subculture in America (1989) formed the basis for his Emmy nominated PBS series (by the same title). A sought after speaker and religious commentator, Balmer is also editor-at-large for Christianity Today.


With this volume, Randall Balmer has provided us with an indispensable tool to help us understand evangelicalism, which is such a highly visible movement in contemporary religious life.-Richard J. Mouw, President and Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary
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