Shifting Map: Artists' Platforms and Strategies for Cultural Diversity

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August 2004



The phenomena of artists' platform and artists' initiative have been gaining in popularity and strength over recent years. Artists form groups and organize themselves in order to change something in the local, regional, or national environment, or in order to create work together. "Shifting Map asks to what extent these artists can play a role in a society in flux. Rather than simply focus on a purely theoretical discussion, it offers artists, curators, and policy makers anchoring points and pause for thought. In addition to texts and images by the artists themselves, essays by philosopher Reinaldo Laddaga and art critic Charles Esche examine the significance of artists' initiatives, the artistic debate, and its significance in the worldwide field of art. "Shifting Map is a publication by the RAIN Artists' Initiatives Network, a network of artists' platforms and initiatives in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that was set up by former residents at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam.


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