Long Time, No See

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Juli 2004



Beth Finke was a 26-year-old newlywed with a promising career when juvenile diabetes caused her to lose her sight. Journals kept during eye surgeries and transcribed onto Finke's talking computer became the foundation for Long Time, No See, a book celebrating how ordinary people can work through extraordinary difficulties. With unflinching candor and acerbic wit, Finke chronicles the ups and downs of her marriage, her training with a seeing-eye dog, her struggles to find employment, and life with her son Gus, born with special needs of his own. Because she has taken care to include accurate medical information as well as personal memoir, Long Time, No See serves as an excellent resource for others in similar situations and for professionals who deal with adults or children who have disabilities.


"It's a story that reads like the Book of Job, but one doesn't find it in the Bible. One finds it in Urbana-based NPR commentator Beth Finke's new memoir, Long Time, No See...[The book] offers an insider's report on adaptation. How does a newly blinded woman know what she's doing when she's washing her hair? By distinguishing the shampoo from the conditioner with a single rubber band. How does she write and correspond with the world? By plugging a pocket-size speech synthesizer into a computer. How does she travel around the world? By forming an alliance with a guide dog named Pandora. What does she do for a living? She models nude for the art students at the local school, or she is a part-time coordinator of volunteers, or she works for a hospice, or she cares for infants in her home." - Chicago Tribune Books "Be it her strength, her honesty, or her enduring sense of humor - most likely a combination of all - Beth Finke manages to tell her story in a way that shocks, informs, and inspires. She says things that others typically won't, and it is both refreshing and thought provoking. You will laugh, cry, and get angry with her, but mostly you will be left with respect and admiration. Long Time, No See is a fantastic read." - Strong Women Newsletter, April 2003, strongwomen.com
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