Healing in the Landscape of Prayer

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August 2004



An account of the author's training and experience in parish healing ministry, along with history, practical advice, and guidance.


Chapter 1: The Unexpected -- an introduction to a ministry of healing; Chapter 2: Christian Healing through the Ages -- healing in the church's tradition; Chapter 3: The Landscape of Prayer -- healing in the context of prayer; Chapter 4: Developing a Healing Ministry -- healing in a mainline parish; Chapter 5: Inner Healing -- healing of the spirit and psyche; Chapter 6: Build this House on Rock -- New Age spirituality and Christian healing; Chapter 7: Exorcism and Deliverance -- dealing with evil; Epilogue: Healing the World -- healing our church, our culture, and our civilization; Resources for Healing Services - services, prayers, hymns and litanies of healing


Avery Brooke has taught prayer and meditation and been a spiritual director for over thirty years. A Holy Cross oblate, she is a mentor in the Annand Program in Spiritual Growth at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, where she teaches an introductory course on healing and the laying on of hands. Her other works include Plain Prayers in a Complicated World and Finding God in the World.

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