Clerical Celibacy: The Heritage

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September 2004



Traces the roots of celibacy in Roman Catholicism and demonstrates that various sexual abuses are the surface symptoms of the underlying disease of celibacy.


1. Introduction; My Approach; Defining Terms; 2. The Pre-Christian Era; Jewish Culture; Pagan Cultures; 3. A Celibate Jesus? Arguments Pro and Con; His Sexual Orientation; 4. The Apostolic Era; Paul's Letters; Other New Testament Writings; 5. The Patristic Era; Movement toward Sexual Abstinence; Monasticism and Jerome; Augustine's Anti-Sex Theology; 6. The Medieval Era; Roman-Byzantine Split over Clerical Marriage; Papal Attempts to Put Asunder Espoused Clerics; 7. From Luther to Paul VI; The Anti-Celibate Protestants; The Counter-Reformation; Vatican II and Aftermath; 8. The Contemporary Era; John Paul II's Intransigence; Diocese Problems; Abusive Prelates; 9. Conclusion; The Fiasco in Summary; On Imitating Jesus; On Removing the Fiasco


William Phipps is Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy at Davis and Elkins College. His numerous books on sexual themes in biblical and church history include Genesis and Gender, Was Jesus Married? and Influential Theologians on Wo/Man. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.


'[A] careful study of mandated celibacy. I am aware of no other single volume that more clearly and thoroughly addresses the stormy heritage of clerical celibacy.' Donald Cozzens, Interpretation, July 2006--Sanford Lakoff "Interpretation "
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