James Clarence Mangan: Selected Writings

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Juli 2004



For a century and a half, the reputation of the Irish poet, James Clarence Mangan (1803-1849), has been based mainly upon a small number of poems, and a biographical tradition that cast him as a tortured genius. Yet his achievement as a whole was much more complex and varied, ranging across over 900 poems and a significant amount of creative and critical prose. In this comprehensive single-volume selection of Mangan's poetry and prose, Mangan can be appreciated for his poignancy and power, his astonishing metrical skills, his love of wordplay, and his surrealist humor. He emerges here as a witty and intelligent craftsman as well as an emotionally-charged romantic, and his audacious experiments with translation and parody make him seem remarkably contemporary. Also, Mangan's fascinating prose commentaries are restored to their original positions surrounding his poems, and readers are for the first time given a generous selection of Mangan's critical writing and letters.


Selected poetical works of Mangan; Selected prose; Explanatory notes; Emendations to copy-texts; Index of titles of poems; Index of first lines.


"For both the Mangan enthusiast and the Mangan innocent [this edition is] to be welcomed ... Sean Ryder has edited the poems afresh and provides full publication details after the texts ... When a prose introduction is appropriate he supplies it. When the music is needed, he prints it. We get as much of a sense of the odd textual appearance of Mangan's poetry from his edition as possible, and we get ample selection from Mangan's prose." Irish Studies Review 13 (2) 2005
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