Dissecting Irish Politics

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These are fifteen original essays by leading academic, political and media figures are in honor of Brian Farrell, the well-known political interviewer and former member of the UCD Department of Politics. They cover many aspects of the history of Irish democracy, the role of government institutions and their relations with Europe.


1 Brian Farrell - political scientist, teacher, broadcaster and colleague by Maurice Manning; 2 Cogadh na nCarad: the creation of the Irish political elite by Tom Garvin; 3 The Governor-General and the Boundary Commission crisis of 1924-5 by Ronan Keane; 4 De Valera and democracy by Peter Mair; 5 The suicidal army: civil-military relations and strategy in independent Ireland by Theo Farrell; 6 The role of Taoiseach: chairman or chief? by Garret FitzGerald; 7 Paying for government by Niamh Hardiman; 8 The office of ombudsman in Ireland by Michael Mills; 9 Irish government and European governance by Brigid Laffan; 10 Critical elections and the prehistory of the Irish party system by John Coakley; 11 Funding for referendum campaigns: equal or equitable? by Richard Sinnott; 12 Before campaigns were 'modern': Irish electioneering in times past by David Farrell; 13 The parliamentary lobby system by Stephen Collins; 14 The best newsmen we can expect? by Jean Blondel; 15 Government and broadcasting: maintaining a balance by Peter Feeney; List of Brian Farrell's publications; Index.


Tom Garvin is Professor of Politics at University College Dublin; Maurice Manning is currently President of the Irish Human Rights Commission and was formerly a lecturer in politics at University College Dublin, a member of Dail Eireann and Leader of Seanad Eireann; Richard Sinnott is a Professor of Politics at University College Dublin


"very readable, concise enough to be quickly and easily embraced, innovative enough to spark some re-evaluations on issues ranging from the legacy of Eamon De Valera to the difficulties in the creation of the Ombudsman's office and the dominance of public relations over performance in politics." Irish Independent June 2004 "a rewarding tour d'horizon of Irish public life." Irish Times June 2004
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