Visual Basic .Net 2003 Unleashed

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"Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003 Unleashed" is a premium reference guide and a must-have for anyone currently developing or beginning to develop .NET applications. A primer on the basic fundamentals of .NET programming is supplemented by plenty of practical application development covering virtually every aspect of .NET programming. It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use book designed to lay flat, making it an ideal desk reference. You will also receive access to an online reference tool that contains fully searchable content and code samples. "Unleashed" will give you the knowledge you crave to master Visual Basic .NET 2003.


Introduction. I. FUNDAMENTALS. 1. Introduction to .NET. 2. Language Fundamentals. 3. Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals. 4. .NET Framework Data Types. II. WINDOWS FORMS APPLICATIONS. 5. Windows Forms. 6. Controls. 7. Drawing. 8. Deploying Your Application. 9. Printing. 10. Advanced Windows Forms Techniques. III. DATABASE PROGRAMMING. 11. ADO.NET Classes. 12. Creating and Maintaining a Database in Visual Studio. 13. Using the Data Form and DataAdapter Wizards in Windows Applications. 14. Data Binding in Windows Applications. 15. ADO.NET and XML. IV. WEB APPLICATIONS (ASP.NET). 16. Basic Web Application. 17. Data Binding in Web Applications. 18. State Management. 19. Caching. 20. Website Management. 21. Security. 22. Extending ASP.NET. V. ADVANCED PROGRAMMING. 23. Versioning and the Global Assembly Cache. 24. IO and Persistence. 25. Interoperability with COM. 26. Events and Delegates. 27. Multithreading. 28. Reflection to Extend the Framework. VI. SECURING APPLICATIONS. 29. Code Access Security (CAS). 30. User- and Role-Based Permissions. VII. REMOTING. 31. Practical .NET Remoting. VIII. WEB SERVICES. 32. Basic Web Services. 33. Security and Web Services Enhancements. IX. ENTERPRISE SERVICES. 34. Introduction to Enterprise Services. 35. Activation-Related Services. 36. Transaction Services. 37. Concurrency Protection for Serviced Components. 38. Services for Loosely Coupled Systems. 39. Securing Serviced Components. 40. Advanced Enterprise Services Programming. Index.


Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003 UnleashedAbout the Authors Heinrich Gantenbein is a solutions architect at Avanade specializing in .NET security, scalability, and multitier architectures. He is an expert in C#, VB .NET, Enterprise Services, and Java to .NET interoperability. Heinrich influences the future of .NET technologies through his participation in Microsoft's Preview Labs and has presented at many events, including Microsoft's Security Summit 2004, Comdex's Web Services Innovation Center, and user groups and webinars. With more than 20 years of experience in software engineering and engineering management, Heinrich combines architectural excellence and commitment to a productive development process. Before Avanade, he was a principal software architect at the .NET consulting company IDesign. Heinrich was named a BEA technical director in recognition of his work on interoperability. Greg Dunn is the president of Instinctive Webware and Database, a software consulting and training business based in Pleasanton, California. He teaches object-oriented programming, SQL, Visual Basic, and mathematics for the University of Phoenix and has been writing database apps since the 1980s in dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, Access, and VB. He holds a Master's degree in operations research from the University of Texas at Austin. Amit Kalani has authored or coauthored 10 programming books, including Que Certification's MCAD/MCSD Training Guides for the Microsoft Exams 70-315, 70-316, and 70-320. He is president of TechContent Corporation, where he provides contract programming, consulting, and training services. Amit lives in Michigan and can be reached at amit@techcontent.com. Chris Payne has had a passion for computers and writing from a young age. He holds a Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering from Boston University, and he supported himself through college as an independent consultant and writer of technical articles focused on web development. He currently makes his home with his wife, Eva, in Orlando, Florida, where he works as a web developer and is continuing his career as an author of both technical and fictional material. Thiru Thangarathinam works at Intel Corporation in Chandler, Arizona. He specializes in architecting, designing, and developing distributed enterprise-class applications using .NET-related technologies. He has coauthored a number of books in .NET-related technologies as well and has been a frequent contributor to leading technology-related online publications. He can be reached at thiru.thangarathinam@intel.com. A(c) Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

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