No Coward Soldiers: Black Cultural Politics in Postwar America

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Februar 2005



In a vibrant and passionate exploration of the twentieth-century civil rights and black power eras in American history, Waldo Martin uses cultural politics as a lens through which to understand the African-American freedom struggle. In black culture, argues Martin, we see the debate over the profound tension at the core of black identity: the duality of being at once both American and African. And in the transformative postwar period, the intersection between culture and politics became increasingly central to the African-American fight for equality. In freedom songs, in the exuberance of an Aretha Franklin concert, in Faith Ringgold's exploration of race and sexuality, the personal and social became the political. Martin explores the place of black culture in this vision and examines the multiple ways in which various forms of expressive culture and African-American cultural figures influenced consciousness and helped effect social action. From the music of John Coltrane and James Brown to the visual art of Jacob Lawrence and Betye Saar to the dance movements of Alvin Ailey and Arthur Mitchell, Martin discusses how, why, and with what consequences culture became a critical battle site in the freedom struggle. And in a fascinating epilogue, he draws the thread of black cultural politics into today's hip-hop culture. This engaging book brings a new perspective to the civil rights and black power eras, while illuminating the broader history of American and global freedom struggles.


"No Coward Soldiers"...is a fine representation of contemporary efforts in history, ethnic studies, and American studies to examine the cultural dimensions of politics, the politicization of culture, and the interaction between the two arenas...The work is a remarkable synthesis in its analysis of different facets of black culture. Martin's canvas is rather extensive. Besides examining the artistic and political aspects of blues, spirituals, jazz, soul, rock and roll, funk, and hip-hop, he looks at sports heroes and the works of artists in different media.--Douglas Henry Daniels "Journal of American History "
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