How to Open a Financially Successful Specialty Retail and Gourmet Foods Shop

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This is an ideal guide for newcomers to the business, as well as experienced operators. In addition to basic operational practices, this book will demonstrate how to: increase impulse sales and improve presentation, utilize merchandising fixtures and techniques, cross-merchandising, point-of-purchase materials and develop a product sampling program. Never before has so much practical information about the specialty store business been offered in one book. While providing detailed instruction and examples, the book covers: - Finding a location that will bring success- Writing a winning business plan (the companion CD-Rom has the actual business plan you can use in MS Word)- How to buy and sell a store- Basic cost-control systems and profitable menu planning- Sample floor plans, diagrams, equipment layout and planning- Successful kitchen management- Food safety and HACCP- Successful food and beverage management- Legal concerns- Sales and marketing techniques- Setting up computer systems to save time and money- Hiring and keeping a qualified, professional staff as well as managing and training employees- Managing and training employees- Generating high-profile public relations and publicity, plus low-cost internal marketing ideas- Low- and no-cost ways to satisfy customers, build sales and bring customers back- Accounting and bookkeeping procedures, auditing, successful budgeting and profit planning development- Thousands of great tips and useful guidelines


Starting Your Own Gourmet Store; Launching Your Business; The Basics of Buying a Gourmet Shop; How to Invest in a Franchise; Planning for Success - Writing a Business Plan; Launching Your Business -- Pre-opening Activities; Successful Employee Relations and Labour Cost Control; Your Customers; Marketing Your Business; Public Relations: How to Get Customers in the Door; Choosing Your Sales Mix; Equipping Your Store; Public Areas of Your Store; Back-of-the-Store Work Area; Creating a Safe and Productive Environment; Your Store Staff; Purchasing; Cash Flow; Financial Management and Budgeting; Basic Cost Control for Retail Operations; Controlling Your Labour Costs; Leaving Your Retail Business; Resources.
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