Poisoning the Minds of the Lower Orders

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August 2000



Conservatism was born as an anguished attack on democracy. So argues Don Herzog in this arrestingly detailed exploration of England's responses to the French Revolution. Poisoning the Minds of the Lower Orders ushers the reader into the politically lurid world of Regency England. At once history and political theory, absorbing and disquieting, this book challenges our own commitments to and anxieties about democracy.


Preface 1A Conservative Inheritance 2Of Coffeehouses and Schoolmasters 3Poison and Antidote 4The Politics of Reason Contempt 5The Politics of the Emotions 6A Guide to the Menagerie: Women and Workers 7A Guide to the Menagerie: Blacks and Jews 8Self and Other 9Faces in the Mirror Standing 10Wollstonecraft's Hair 11The Trouble with Hairdressers 12The Fate of a Trope Index


Honorable Mention for the 1999 Award for Best Professional/Scholarly Book in History, Association of American Publishers "Herzog is a relative rarity among scholarly writers today, in that he self-consciously deflates the pretensions of the academic voice... The ... story that he tells so masterfully--the transformation of humble subjects into proud citizens--is grand."--The New Republic "[Herzog] presents a major and stimulating contribution... His study is based on a formidable range of primary sources... But it is not only his learning that is impressive. What greatly adds to the value of this work is Herzog's rigorously intellectual exploration of the ideas and also the motives of the many authors he has read... Exciting and rewarding."--History "With biting, contemporary wit, Herzog ... takes us on a tour of the social and political world of Britain between the outbreak of the French Revolution and the passing of the second poor bill."--Virginia Quarterly Review "A vivid book that recasts familiar political, social and cultural themes and positions in new and compelling ways, and from which students of political culture in any field of history will greatly profit."--Albion M. Urdank, Albion "Herzog's tone is skeptical, constructively flippant--and, above all, readable ... I know that many people out there would rather eat one of their own feet than read a supposedly academic work like this; but do give it a go. You'll find it's worth it."--Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian
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