Understanding Psychological Preparation for Sport

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Oktober 1996



This book is designed to advance both theory and practice in the psychological preparation of high-level sports performers. The authors integrate the relevant qualitative and quantitative research literatures with practical knowledge gained via their own personal experience of working with elite athletes. Seven aspects of psychological preparation are considered: basic psychological skills; self-confidence; motivation; arousal and activation; stress and anxiety; concentration; and coping with adversity. Each discussion ends with a summary of the implications for future research and best practice. Elite performers from around the world share their techniques for mentally preparing for competition. The authors then explore the links between the practices that these athletes use and theories which underlie psychological preparation for performance. This book develops a model of psychological preparation for elite sports performers incorporating two unique features: the research-to-practice orientation which is taken to preparation for high-level sports performance; and a global perspective using evidence derived from North American, European, Australian and other research literatures in both general and sport psychology. This is the first book of its kind and should be a valuable resource for sport psychologists, students and professionals with an interest in sport or high-level performance.


INTRODUCTION. Why Write Yet Another Book on Psychological Preparation? CURRENT STATE OF KNOWLEDGE REGARDING PSYCHOLOGICAL PREPARATION FOR SPORTS PERFORMANCE. Basic Psychological Skills. Self-Confidence. Motivation. Arousal and Activation. Stress and Anxiety. Concentration and Attention Control. Coping with Adversity. IMPLICATIONS AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS. A Unifying Model of Psychological Preparation for Peak Athletic Performance. Future Research Directions. Implications for Guiding Practice.
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