Basic Training in Mathematics

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Juni 1995



Are you: Entering a program in the physical sciences? A high school student who has taken most of the offered courses, and looking for a glimpse of college mathematics? Engaged in self-study to hone your mathematical skills? Then R. Shankar s Basic Training in Mathematics: A Fitness Program for Science Students is written for you. Based on the author s course at Yale University, the book addresses the widening gap found by Professor Shankar and his colleagues between the mathematics needed for upper-level science study and the knowledge possessed by incoming students. This superb text organizes the necessary mathematics background into a one-semester course covering such topics as: - A review of calculus - Infinite series - Functions of a complex variable - Vector calculus - Matrices - Linear vector spaces - Differential equations  Get in shape for your future science studies with this outstanding text.


Differential Calculus of One Variable. Integral Calculus. Calculus of Many Variables. Infinite Series. Complex Numbers. Functions of a Complex Variable. Vector Calculus. Matrices and Determinants. Linear Vector Spaces. Differential Equations. Answers. Index.




Ramamurti Shankar is the John Randolph Huffman Professor of Physics at Yale University, USA.


`Shankar obviously enjoys his mathematics, and his attitude toward mathematics is simultaneously refreshing and contagious....Dirac notation is intriguingly introduced in the discussion of vector spaces. Finally, the book is richly endowed with well-chosen problems.'
American Journal of Physics
`Consistent with the needs of science students...a sound mathematical reference for anyone studying or practicing in the physical sciences.'

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