Women Leading

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September 2004



Women Leading is a fascinating insight into female leadership. After years of male domination in the world's boardrooms, are cracks finally appearing in the glass ceiling? As the dynamics of our work culture change it's women who now hold the key skills to ensure future success in business, but can they contend with the old boy network that's still prominent in many workplaces.


Introduction Changing Role of Women Boardroom Women Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling How Will Men Cope? Workplace Skills Women in the Heart of the City: The Money Markets Sisters are Doing it for Themselves Women in the Media Leadership in Relationships and Family Life Women on the International Stage Simply the Best


SUE HAYWARd is a Broadcaster and Journalist who has presented on BBC radio and television on consumer and money issues. As a personal finance journalist Sue has also written for national newspapers and magazines and is a regular contributor to She magazine, Family Circle and Woman's Weekly covering consumer, workplace and money issues. Sue runs her own media company - see her website at www.bondward.co.uk.


'Sue has a way of being able to tell stories and get the point of an issue in an engaging and infectious way ... she's a joy to work with and has an intuitive understanding of her audience.' - David Clargo, Managing Editor, BBC Coventry & Warwickshire 'Sue is an outstanding journalist and broadcaster with a natural instinct for communicating - a total joy to work with.' - Nicci Holliday, BBC Senior Manager 'Encouraging, enlightening. Reclaims for us women our leadership birthright.' - Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi, Vice-President in the Strategic Centre for Human Resources at Unilever 'Readable insights into female dimensions in the leadership debate.' - Long Range Planning 'Focuses on the skills and attributes that women bring to leadership and includes tips, advice and quotes from women at all levels in organisations.' - Keith Clack, Best Business Books, The Bookseller 'Sue Hayward's book takes a fresh approach to leadership by women. Copying male macho behaviour to succeed is out, using your feminine qualities is in' - Pierre du Bois, Watford Observer 'an interesting insight into how women lead and the skills they use in both their professional and personal lives.' - Accountancy Ireland
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