Incorporate Your Business: When to Do It and How

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With real-world examples, charts, and tables, this handy guide will help you calculate the benefits of incorporation for your businessbefore you decide to take the leap. For small business owners, with "Incorporate Your Business you'll master all the fundamentals, including: Overall benefits of incorporation Tax changes under incorporation Various types of corporations Completing all the paperwork correctly Setting up a corporate structure Electing officers and setting up the board Holding important organizational meetings


CHAPTER 1: Why Should I Incorporate My Business?; CHAPTER 2: How Incorporating Can Result In Tax Savings; CHAPTER 3: The Alternatives to Forming a Corporation; CHAPTER 4: How to Structure a Corporation; CHAPTER 5: Planning Your Corporation; CHAPTER 6: Steps to Create and Run Your Corporation; APPENDIX A: Useful Forms; APPENDIX B: Useful Addresses; APPENDIX C: Short Course in Corporate Finance Terms; APPENDIX D: Glossary; INDEX.


ROBERT A. COOKE, CPA, has owned or co-owned three successful small businesses and is the author of six books, including Doing Business Tax-Free and How to Start Your Own S Corporation, Second Edition, both from Wiley.
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