Algorithms and Data Structures in C++

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algorithms and data structures in C++ Leendert Ammeraal Hogeschool van Utrecht, The Netherlands C++ is capable of tackling a whole range of programming tasks. The purpose of this book is to give breadth and depth to C++ programmers' existing experience of the language by representing a large number of algorithms, most of them implemented as ready-to-run (and standalone) programs. The programs are as readable as possible without sacrificing too great a degree of efficiency, generality, portability and robustness. Both the classes and programs are designed to demonstrate major programming principles. There is coverage of two key language features - templates and exception handling - apart from which the reader is assumed to have working knowledge of C++. Besides traditional subjects, such as quicksort and binary trees, this book also covers some less well-known topics, including multi-precision arithmetic, route planning and external sorting. Demonstration programs for these and many other exciting applications are based on C++ classes which you can also use in programs of your own.


Some Aspects of Programming in C++.
Sorting Arrays and Files.
Stacks, Queues and Lists.
Searching and String Processing.
Binary Trees.
Tries, Priority Queues and File Compression.
Some Combinatorial Algorithms.
Fundamentals of Interpreters and Compilers.
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