The Gift of Screws

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August 2008



The personal and political experiences and passions of a third-world immigrant are powerfully expressed in this collection of poems. Negotiating the path between belonging and freedom, many poems convey a deep need to wander, reject the tribalism of nostalgia for one ethnic group or another, and express a keen ear for the demotic rhythms of Caribbean speech.


Brian Chan was born in Guyana in 1949. He began to establish a reputation as a poet of talent with his work in Expression in the early 1970s, part of a group that included Janice Lowe (Shinebourne) and N.D. Williams. He had poems published in 'Caribbean Quarterly', 'Artrage', and 'One People's Grief' and is included in the Heinemann anthology of Caribbean poetry. His first collection of poems, 'Thief With Leaf' (1988) won the 1988 Guyana Prize. His work is challenging and experimental, exploring not only experience, but the fictions we create in making sense of experience. He moved to Canada in the 1970s and his poems explore a territory in which Guyanese memories filter into the present of Red Deer, Alberta where he currently lives. His second collection of poems, 'Fabula Rasa', was published in 1994. He is a musician (clarinetist) and accomplished painter. He works as an art gallery curator.
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