Multimedia Information Storage and Management

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August 1996



Multimedia information systems are quite different from traditional information systems, especially in data types, modeling, delivery, and user interface. The large size of multimedia data and the high bandwidth requirement of multime­ dia streams require new storage, buffering, delivery, and networking schemes. The presentational nature of multimedia applications requires a proper syn­ chronization between multimedia streams, and the composition of multimedia documents in the distributed environment should overcome the heterogeneity of underlying systems. This book is edited for undergraduate and graduate students studying mul­ timedia information and applications, researchers and developers of various multimedia software and hardware systems, multimedia tool developers, user interface designers, and network protocol designers by including 17 chapters focused on the following major issues: . Disk scheduling and storage hierarchy. . Configuration of multimedia servers and buffer management. . Delivery scheduling for multimedia streams. . Supporting user interactions. Document modeling and temporal modeling of multimedia data. . . Integrated multimedia information system.


1. Disk Scheduling for Continuous Media; D.J. Gemmell.
2. Placement of Continuous Media in Multi-Zone Disks; S. Ghandeharizadeh, et al.
3. Storage Hierarchy in Multimedia Servers; Y.N. Dogammaanata,
A.N. Tantawi.
4. The Use of Media Characteristics and User Behavior for the Design of Multimedia Servers; D. Venkatesh, T.D.C. Little.
5. The `Fellini' Multimedia Storage Server; C. Martin, et al.
6. Statistical Modeling and Buffer Allocation for MPEG Streams; R.T. Ng, R. Dilek.
7. Buffer Replacement Algorithms for Multimedia Databases;
B. Özden, et al.
8. Scheduling Issues in Video-on-Demand Systems; P.S. Yu, et al.
9. Delivering Hypermedia Sessions from a Continuous Media Server;
C. Gopal, J.F. Buford.
10. Delivery Scheduling of Multimedia Streams Using Query Scripts; S.T. Campbell, S.M. Chung.
11. Session Scheduling and Resource Sharing in Multimedia Systems; A. Dan,
D. Sitaram.
12. Improving the Interactive Responsiveness in a Video Server; A.L.N. Reddy.
13. Modeling and Transformation of Multimedia Data; Chi-Cheng Lin, Shi-Kuo Chang.
14. Architecture and Storage Model for Multimedia Documents; A. Karmouch, et al.
15. Temporal Modeling and Intermedia Synchronization for Presentation of Multimedia Streams; Hui-Jung Chang, Shi-Kuo Chang.
16. Integrated Database Services for Multimedia Presentations; S. Boll, et al.
17. The Object-Oriented Development of Multimedia Information Systems; G. Gannod, B.H.C. Cheng. Index.
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