3D Modeling in AutoCAD, 2e

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Januar 2001



This work features detailed descriptions of the 3D design and drafting enhancement provided in AutoCAD. It explains the concepts and principles of the program's 3D features using examples, illustrations and hands-on exrecises. This second edition is aimed at guiding readers through working with 3D wireframe models in 3D space, building surface models, solid modelling, 2D output and paper space, and rendering from 3D models.


John E. Wilson, a columnist for CADENCE magazine since 1991, runs a one-person design and drafting service. While the bulk of his work involves mechanical parts, he has worked in a wide variety of other fields, ranging from water treatment plant piping to control diagrams for electrical motors. John has contributed a regular column to CADENCE since 1993 that focuses on the 3D features of AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop. He is also the author of the book, Mechanical Desktop 5: Parametric Modeling.
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