The Fine Artist's Career Guide: Making Money in the Arts and Beyond

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April 2004



This indispensable guide gives anyone with studio art training the vital tools and breadth of information they need to develop and succeed in the fine and applied arts. It covers the full spectrum of career options available to artists today-from being an independent artist to niches in the corporate world, and from jobs that require special artistic skills to those calling for artistic improvisation.
- "Daniel Grant has created an important tool for any graphic artist or gallery artist to enter the world of business with both feet planted firmly on the ground"--Paul Basista, former executive director of the Graphic Artists Guide
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Daniel Grant is a contributing editor of American Artist, where he publishes a monthly column on career issues. He is the author of An Artist's Guide - Making It in New York City, The Business of Being an Artist, The Fine Artist's Career Guide, The Artist's Resource Handbook,

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