The Encyclopedia of Chicago

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More than a decade in the making, richly illustrated, and comprised of more than 1,400 entries, this is the definitive historical reference on metropolitan Chicago.


James R. Grossman is Vice President for Research and Education at the Newberry Library and senior lecturer in history at the University of Chicago. Ann Durkin Keating is professor of history at North Central College in Naperville, IL. Janice L. Reiff is associate professor of history and interim director of the Oral History Program at UCLA.


""The Encyclopedia of Chicago" is no mere collection of fun facts. It is a work of stunning scholarly achievement. . . . [It] is easily the most comprehensive reference book on the Chicago region ever published. To find a work that even remotely rivals it in daring and scope, one must return to 1886 when A.T. Andreas produced his hodgepodge and highly eccentric three-volume "History of Chicago". Developed by the distinguished Newberry Library in cooperation with the Chicago Historical Society, the 1,117-page "Encyclopedia of Chicago" features more than 1,400 entries by more than 600 historians, journalists and other experts, in addition to hundreds of maps and illustrations, a dictionary of Chicago-area businesses, a biographical dictionary and a 21-page timeline. . . . This is a work of depth and gravity, written largely by scholars but aimed at the intelligent regular Joe, an approach that becomes self-evident in the first ten pages."--Tom McNamee "Chicago Sun-Times "
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