No Germs Allowed!: How to Avoid Infectious Diseases at Home and on the Road

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September 2004



In the revised and expanded edition of this classic guide, Dr. Winkler G. Weinberg explains in easy-to-understand language what you need to know to keep the germs away. From the infections of daily life, like the common cold and traveler's diarrhea, to the dangerous, rare diseases such as plague, hantavirus, and invasive strep bacteria, to the recent threats of mad cow disease. West Nile virus, and SARS, this unique guide tells you: - your chances of getting sick- simple precautions you can take- which vaccinations and shots are worthwhile- which diseases you should really worry about- how to avoid catching infections in the hospital- special precautions to take if you are pregnant- how to ward off infections even though you have chronic health problems or you are HIV positive- how to keep well while traveling- what remedies to take with you- what to eat--and not eat--on the road- symptoms that signal trouble- what illnesses you can get from bug bites and animals- how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases- who should get flu shots and why- why you should see your doctor before you get sick


WINKLER G. WEINBERG, M.D., is Chief of Infectious Diseases for the Southeast Permanente Medical Group (a section of the Kaiser Permanente HMO). He directs a consortium for research on infectious diseases and is a practicing physician treating infectious disease in Atlanta, Georgia.
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