Designing Geodatabases: Case Studies in GIS Data Modeling

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August 2004



This guide to creating a dynamic GIS data model helps database managers design a schema that has comprehensive and descriptive query definitions, a user-friendly cartographic display, and increased performance standards. The five steps for taking a data model through its conceptual, logical, and physical phases, including modeling the user' s view, defining objects and relationships, selecting geographic representations, matching geodatabase elements, and organizing the geodatabase structure are studied in detail. A look at nine decision points that deal with concerns common to all data modeling exercises, such as validating feature geometries, modeling linear networks, managing raster data, and labeling map features help database managers fine-tune their GIS data models. Several design models for a variety of applications are considered including addresses and locations, census units and boundaries, stream and river networks, and topography and the base map.


David Arctur is currently the director of interoperability programs with the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC). He received his doctorate in urban and regional planning at the University of Florida. Arctur has more than 18 years of programming experience, including more than 6 years in object-oriented programming and 10 years in database application design and development. Michael Zeiler is a technical writer and data model specialist at ESRI with 20 years of GIS experience diagramming GIS concepts, building data models, and programming. He has authored the best-selling books Modeling Our World and Exploring ArcObjects.

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