Manufacturing Suburbs: Building Work and Home on the Metropolitan Fringe

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November 2004



Urban historians have long portrayed suburbanization as the result of a bourgeois exodus from the city, coupled with the introduction of streetcars that enabled the middle class to leave the city for the more sylvan surrounding regions. This work examines the development of industrial suburbs in the United States and Canada between 1850 and 1950.


Preface 1. Industry and the Suburbs Robert Lewis 2. Beyond the Crabgrass Frontier: Industry and the Spread of North American Cities, 1850-1950 Richard Walker and Robert Lewis 3. The Emergence of Industrial Districts in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Baltimore Edward K. Muller and Paul A. Groves 4. Model City? Industry and Urban Structure in Chicago Mary Beth Pudup 5. A City Transformed: Manufacturing Districts and Suburban Growth in Montreal, 1850-1929 Robert Lewis 6. Industry Builds Out the City: The Suburbanization of Manufacturing in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1850-1940 Richard Walker 7. Industrial Suburbs and the Growth of Metropolitan Pittsburgh, 1870-1920 Edward K. Muller 8. The Suburbanization of Manufacturing in Toronto, 1881-1951 Gunter Gad 9. "Nature's Workshop": Industry and Urban Expansion in Southern California, 1900-1950 Greg Hise 10. "The American Disease of Growth": Henry Ford and the Metropolitanization of Detroit, 1920-1940 Heather B. Barrow 11. Suburbanization and the Employment Linkage Richard Harris Notes About the Contributors Index


Robert Lewis is an Associate Professor of Geography of the University of Toronto. He is the author of Manufacturing Montreal: The Making of an Industrial Landscape, 1850 to 1930 and co-editor of Urban History Review.


"The objectives of this collection of theoretically inclined and empirically defended essays by well-respected scholars of suburban-industrial growth are successfully met.The great value of this book, then, is the successful melding of a North American perspective that establishes a meaningful benchmark for further research in the field." The Canadian Historical Review "The foremost merit of the book lies in the quality of the different contributions, written by major researchers in the field of urban history. Together, they provide a comprehensive view of the pre-World War Two evolution of manufacturing in North American metropolitan regions and of its impact on their urban structure." Urban Studies "In Manufacturing Suburbs, edited by Robert Lewis, eleven authors have done a pioneering and impressive job of sorting out some of the many complexities of industrial suburbanization in the United States and Canada during the century from 1850 to 1950. All in all, Manufacturing Suburbs is an excellent study that should lead the way to further research into a hitherto neglected aspect of suburban history." The Journal of American History "At base, the arguments set out in this collection challenge a considerable amount of the collective wisdom about North American suburbs and will stimulate scholars and students to rethink what suburbs consist of and what the relationships are between cities and suburbs... This work strikes at the heart of scholars' thinking about what suburbia looks like and was/is and who or what lived/lives there." --Mary Corbin Sies, University of Maryland
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