The List

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November 2004



Lists serve a variety of functions in Emerson's essays, Whitman's poems, Melville's novels, and Thoreau's memoirs. Belknap discusses the surprising variety of pattern, intention, scope, art, and even philosophy.


Robert E. Belknap is instructor of English at Saint Mary's School in Raleigh, North Carolina.


"Robert Belknap's The List is an authentic contribution to the genre of Catalogue in the literature of the American Renaissance. It is particularly illuminating on Walt Whitman, the greatest master of Catalogue since Homer. I expect The List to have a lasting effect upon the study of American imagination." Harold Bloom "The only study of its kind to focus exclusively on the list and list-making in American Romantic writing, and the first to give full attention to its multifaceted literary design and various aesthetic and philosophical motives. Readable and engaging, it should appeal to students and those interested in the topic of the list generally." Alan Hodder"
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