A Very Long Engagement

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November 2004



A runaway bestseller in France when it was first published ten years ago, this irresistible novel set during the aftermath of World War I is reissued. "A classic mystery . . . Only the best historical fiction can make the journey into a distant time and return with a believable sense of how things really were. This novel does it."--Paul Watkins, "Washington Post Book World."


Sebastien Japrisot was the pen name of Jean Baptiste Rossi. He wrote seven novels, including "One Deadly Summer, The Sleeping Car Murders, The Passion of Women, "and "The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun."


"Riveting...A fierce, elliptical novel that's both a gripping psychological thriller and highly moving meditation on the emotional consequence of war." ---Michiko Kakutani, "The New York Times"
"A kind of latter-day "War and Peace"...This is a book that is many things: a war story, a story of official corruption, an idyll of young summer love, and a rich and most original panorama of French men and women living in peace and robbed of it. Finally, giving it all an intent energy, it is a hybrid of the detective story and the classical quest." ---Richard Eder, "Los Angeles Book Review"
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