Introduction to the Physics of the Earth's Interior

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New edition of successful textbook on deep Earth for advanced students in geophysics and mineralogy.


Preface; Introduction; 1. Background of thermodynamics of solids; 2. Elastic moduli; 3. Lattice vibrations; 4. Equations of state; 5. Melting; 6. Transport properties; 7. Earth models; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.


'... many intermediate and advanced level geophysics textbooks briefly treat some of the basic concepts of the physics of the Earth, but to date there has been no comprehensive text offering a complete background on this subject. Poirier's book does much to successfully fill this gap. The present volume is written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students without previous exposure to mineralogical and petrological physics. It will prepare readers for more advanced books ...' Gerado G. Tango, Geophysics '... for the mineral physicist this volume provides a complete and up-to-date presentation of material that is difficult to find in a single volume.' Carl W. Cable, PAGEOPH 'It is a pleasure to read a book as well written and well produced as the one that Jean-Paul Poirier and C.U.P. have written us ... ideal for any senior undergraduate or reseacher interested in the solid Earth. It is clearly written, authoritative, well produced and keenly priced. Go and buy it!' David Price, Geological Magazine '... provides an important summary text and helps solidify the relationship between condensed-matter physics and Earth science... Because Poirier develops the general framework by which theoryand laboratory data are used to generate constraints on models of the Earth, a broad audience (both within and beyond the Earth sciences community) will be intrigued with this book.' J. Michael Brown, Physics Today 'For courses that include these topics, this book would be an excellent reference text ... highly recommended for the equations of state and melting relations for the Earth's interior.' Donald L. Turcotte, Journal of Geological Education 'I found this book excellent in all respects. It brings under one cover a set of topics that are dispersed in the literature, and it does so with great clarity and consistency. It should form part of the library of anyone with a serious interest in the physics of the Earth's interior.' Giorgio Ranalli, Geoscientist
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