Hispanic Spaces, Latino Places: Community and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary America

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November 2004



Hispanics/Latinos are the largest ethnic minority in the United States--but they are far from being a homogenous group. Mexican Americans in the Southwest have roots that extend back four centuries, while Dominicans and Salvadorans are very recent immigrants. Cuban Americans in South Florida have very different occupational achievements, employment levels, and income from immigrant Guatemalans who work in the poultry industry in Virginia. In fact, the only characteristic shared by all Hispanics/Latinos in the United States is birth or ancestry in a Spanish-speaking country.In this book, sixteen geographers and two sociologists map the regional and cultural diversity of the Hispanic/Latino population of the United States. They report on Hispanic communities in all sections of the country, showing how factors such as people's country/culture of origin, length of time in the United States, and relations with non-Hispanic society have interacted to create a wide variety of Hispanic communities. Identifying larger trends, they also discuss the common characteristics of three types of Hispanic communities--those that have always been predominantly Hispanic, those that have become Anglo-dominated, and those in which Hispanics are just becoming a significant portion of the population.


Introduction Daniel D. Arreola1. Hispanic American Legacy, Latino American Diaspora Daniel D. ArreolaPart I. Continuous Communities2. The Plaza in Las Vegas, New Mexico: A Community Gathering Place Jeffrey S. Smith 3. Social Geography of Laredo, Texas, Neighborhoods: Distinctiveness and Diversity in a Majority-Hispanic Place Michael S. Yoder and Renee LaPerriere de GutierrezPart II. Discontinuous Communities4. Barrio under Siege: Latino Sense of Place in San Francisco, California Brian J. Godfrey 5. Globalization of the Barrio: Transformation of the Latino Cultural Landscapes of San Diego, California Lawrence A. Herzog 6. Barrio Space and Place in Southeast Los Angeles, California James R. CurtisPart III. New Communities7. Changing Latinization of New York City Ines M. Miyares 8. Soccer and Latino Cultural Space: Metropolitan Washington Futbol Leagues Marie Price and Courtney Whitworth 9. The Cultural Landscape of a Puerto Rican Neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio Albert Benedict and Robert B. Kent 10. Latinos in Polynucleated Kansas CitySteven L. Driever 11. Latino Commerce in Northern Nevada Kate A. Berry 12. Se Venden Aqui: Latino Commercial Landscapes in Phoenix, Arizona Alex Oberle 13. Hispanics in the American South and the Transformation of the Poultry IndustryWilliam Kandel and Emilio A. Parrado 14. Hispanization of Hereford, TexasTerrence W. Haverluk


"This is a very important and timely book. It will make a major contribution to the literature on Hispanic/Latino migration, settlement, adaptation, politics, culture, and landscapes in the United States." Susan W. Hardwick, Professor of Geography, University of Oregon
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