Functional Biology of Clonal Animals

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Oktober 1989



This book draws together many aspects of the functional biology of clonal animals, from their taxonomy and feeding ecology to their life-histories and evolutionary biology. The mechanism of somatic division and parthenogenesis and the benefits of cloning to a variety of Metazoa are examined.


The nature of clones; cloning mechanisms; consequences of cloning; life histories; population genetics; obligate cloning; modular colonies.


..The review of obligate cloning is the highlight of the book. It is the most lucid and economical treatment anywhere. Hughes' important contribution is to have so succesfully clarified the patterns [of adapted clones] themselves.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution
...This book will provide an entry for new workers interested in clonal organisms, and will be a handy reference for established workers.
The Quarterly Review of Biology
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