Evangelical Eucharistic Thought in the Church of England

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Februar 2002



This book studies the way the Eucharist has been treated in the practice of the Evangelical tradition in the Church of England.


Preface; List of abbreviations; Introduction: 1. The movement, the thesis, the method; Part I. Historical Survey: 2. The Reformers' bequest; 3. The legacy in the Anglican tradition; 4. The legacy in the Puritan tradition; 5. The traditions in the Revival; 6. Evangelicals, the tradition and the tension; Part II. The Recent Period: The nature of Anglican Evangelicalism in the recent period; 7. Fearing liturgical revision: Evangelicals and Lambeth 1958; 8. Facing liturgical revision: Evangelicals and Series Two; 9. Welcoming liturgical revision: Evangelicals and Series Three to the ASB and beyond; 10. Evangelicals and ecumenical statements on the Eucharist; 11. Evangelicals, the Eucharist and spirituality; Part III. Theological Analysis: 12. The Eucharist as sacrament; 13. The Eucharist as presence; 14. The Eucharist as sacrifice; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"Christopher Cocksworth's analysis of Evangelical eucharistic thought is perhaps the most significant study of the theology of 'serious religion' yet to appear." Choice "...a thorough, scholarly and often brilliant contribution to Anglican church history and to Evangelical theology." Anglican Theological Review "Cocksworth's book tries to answer these awkward questions...We are offered useful summaries of classical positions...The ecumenical lessons to be derived from this book are important." Christopher Hill, The Tablet "In this treatment of the theology and practice of the eucharist in the evangelical wing of Anglicanism, Cocksworth has not only given us an excellent and understandable historical survey of the subject but also has sketched a solid outline of evangelical eucharistic theology for the present period. For anyone interested in the history of the eucharist, Anglican theology, or the questions confronting Evangelicals today, this study would serve both as a reliable introduction and a stimulating catalyst for discerning further areas of research. For the ecumenist seeking something new in a field that seems characterized by continual deja vu, this volume will certainly offer inspiration." James L. Empereur, Journal of Ecumenical Studies
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