A Lifetime of Communication

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Juni 2004



Vol. examines communication & cognition in the various stages of human development, making connections between communication, relationships, & maturation. For scholars/students in relationship/family studies & developmental/relational comm.


Contents: Series Foreword. Preface. Developmental Processes: A Brief Theoretical History. Infant Development: Biological Endowments and Beyond. Cocreating Self and Other: Influence and Reciprocity in the First 2 Years. Creating a Mind: Dialogue in Symbols. Early Relationships: Knowing the Other. Childhood: Negotiating Competence Between Self and Other. Adolescence: Flowers of Maturation, Seeds of Dialectics. The College Years: Rhetorical Challenges at the Boundaries. Young Adulthood: Romancing Other and Self. Middle Adulthood: Nurturing and Relinquishing Youth. Older Adulthood: Power in Drawing Together and Falling Apart. Human Communication Futures: Beyond Dualities to Dialogic Consciousness.
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Untertitel: 'LEA's Series on Personal Relationships'. Sprache: Englisch.
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