Grass Widow: Making My Way in Depression Alabama

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Juni 2004



Viola Goode Liddell's short memoir tells the story of her return to Alabama in search of a husband and a new life. Thirty years old and recently divorced, Liddell comes back to her home state--with her young son--determined to survive, during the depths of the Depression. Liddell narrates the obstacles she faces as a single mother in the 1930s Deep South with self-deprecating humor and a confessional tone that reveal both her intelligence and her unapologetic ambitions.


Viola Goode Liddell was born in Wilcox County, Alabama, in 1901, and died there in 1998. She wrote short stories for a number of periodicals, including the Georgia Review and the Saturday Evening Post, and is the author of With a Southern Accent.


"[With] twinkling humor, sharp insight, welcome forthrightness, telling allusiveness... Grass Widow is a well-told, high-spirited, but well-tempered story.... Affectingly personal, [it] is also a valuable document of and for cultural history." - Bert Hitchcock, editor of American Short Stories (7th edition); "A great read." - Philip Beidler, editor of Many Voices, Many Rooms: A New Anthology of Alabama Writers"
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